Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hello all, it's taken me a while to get round to doing this blog post but here it is!

With the caravan out of the way, we were able to construct the soakaway where all the rainwater will drain to:

Dismantling the shed from its old location:

And putting it back together again in its final spot:

The fence separating the driveway from the garden:

Step to the front door, with steel shoe cast in ready to receive the canopy post:

Grading the levels back using the mini digger to create the driveway:

A layer of Type 1:

Followed by a layer of gravel and compacted.

Framing out for the decking:

And the finished article. Timber posts have since been added around the edges to stop you falling off the side!

Structure for the canopy:

Tiling and rainwater goods to the canopy:

Turfing the garden!

The juliet balcony has been fixed on:

Air tightness test - this is a requirement to meet building regulations standards. We booked a company to come and do the test, they fix a large fan into the doorway which sucks air out of the house to measure how draughty it is. We had a target rate of 6.5 (the higher the number the more draughty the house...) but the test revealed we had achieved a rate of 2.8! Chuffed with that as it means we have done a good job at the interfaces where floors and roof meet the walls.

Ramp for disability access as required by building regs:

Dropped kerb installed (we paid a company to come and do this) and the stonework finished either side of the entrance.

We have now received the building regulations completion certificate and the certificate of the 10 year warranty. Mission accomplished!
Hope you enjoyed reading the blog!