Sunday, 26 June 2011

Week 17 - More roof tiling

Sunday - a very hot day for roofing! After finishing off all the valleys it was time to get the ridge tiles all in place.  We're using a dry ridge system instead of bedding all the ridge tiles in with mortar, it is simpler and neater to install but more importantly it vents the roof space and allows you to meet the building regs with a lower spec roofing felt which is significantly cheaper. The product didn't really do a grat job of joining the ridge tiles together and required a fair bit of fettling to get it looking right. Below, Kai sticking the ridge felt to the top tiles.


The ridge tiles in place on the projecting roof. It looks really neat and should look even better once all the verges are grouted in.



The finished roof - view from the field:

 And view from the road:

We have quite a lot of tiles left over because the supplier delivered half a pallet too many. We have a small projecting roof over the front door to build and tile, and then the spares will have to be sent back...

We'll be glad if we never have to see a tile ever again, in all it's taken 4 long days to tile the roof spread over a couple of weeks and we've been hampered a bit by the weather. It's the sort of monotonous job that is best done quickly with 3-4 people, that way you can have a couple on the roof and a couple on the scaffolding which saves all the moving around up there.

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