Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week 25 - More boarding out

This week we couldn't put off getting messy any longer and started dot-dabbing the plasterboard onto the block walls. The changes to the recent building regs make this task a bit harder than it used to be as you now have to pass an air tightness test which means dabs of adhesive aren't allowed, you need a continuous line of adhesive along the tops, bottoms and corners of every wall to form a seal. Special attention must also be paid to the reveals on every window.


We have a rather unconventional way of applying the adhesive, most professionals would dab it onto the wall but we find it easier to dab it onto the board flat on the floor then lift into place, being careful not to break the now heavy board. I guess it's OK to find what works best for you, I will learn to do it properly one day.

The rooms are starting to look much neater with the blockwork covered up. The wires for sockets and lights are just poked through small holes for the moment - after plastering the boxes will be cut in.

The boards are pressed into place by striking with a straight edge alternating between the vertical and horizontal direction, this makes sure the board squashes onto the wall evenly. It requires a fair bit of checking with a level and ensuring that it's in line with adjacent boards. It's all quite hard on the hands!

The upstairs is almost all boarded out now so we've moved onto the downstairs ceiling. The boards require acoustic quilt on top of them which is a nasty job with all the dust and fibres getting everywhere.


We mounted a bit of chipboard on the wall ready for the consumer unit to fix to, it keeps the wires nicely clipped till we are ready to connect everything. The new gas line is all soldered up and ready to connect to the meter when they install that in a few weeks.

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