Monday, 5 September 2011

Week 27 - Ready for plastering

Well it's been a week of hard graft - working through the evenings until it's too dark to work any more - but it's all paid off because the whole house is now ready to be plastered. The plasterers will come in to do their bit on Wednesday and Thursday. It's nice to see the place looking so tidy, and we're really looking forward to seeing the finished walls and ceilings.

Below, Kai finishing off the awkward bits on the stairs and in the under-stairs wc...

 The main bedroom finished:

Front bedroom: The window boards are set in place now so the plasterers can finish right up to them, they look superb and really finish the window reveals off.

Landing and small bedroom:

Space for wc: The ceiling under the sairs was a real pain, the plasterboard has to follow the profile of the understide of the stairs as they wind at the top and so it slopes and curves and feels a little like you're standing under a hump back bridge! I'm sure it will be better once plastered although the plasterers are going to curse at the curve.

Kitchen: Its the first time we've had the kitchen space completely clear and it's made us realise how massive the kitchen part of the room is.


 And finally the living room:

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