Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 3 - Shedding

Kai dug a second trial pit to convince the tree man that there really are no significant roots around the foundations. Tomorrow he will give us his final answer as to whether or not we can use a digger. We also used the trial pit to carry out a percolation test - necessary to check if the ground is suitable for a soakaway.

The arrival of some aggregates - gravel, sand and stone dust ready to go in the trenches for electricity and water supplies. Amazing 'seeing through hedge' skills by the truck driver!

Building the first side of the shed, having made the floor.
The completed end-wall of the shed.
Kai's proud of the doorway, deservedly so. 
The shed will be put together in its final position in the corner of the plot once the trenching for the electricity supply has been completed and backfilled.

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