Sunday, 13 March 2011

Week 2 - Site Set-up

Kai's mum was a great help this weekend - she cut back the overhanging laurel bushes along the front of the plot which has made a huge difference. Thanks very much Jenny! The hedge is a little bit bare now on the road side but it'll bounce back in a matter of weeks. It will need a more aggressive cut back for the driveway visibility splays in about a year's time.

Some free stuff we managed to pick up - concrete blocks to wedge the static in its permanent position, and paving slabs to form a base when we come to build the shed.

Managed to get hold of a shed-load of timber (quite literally - we're going to build a shed out of it) all for £100 from a guy who wanted to get rid of it. There's probably about a grand's worth there... bargain!

Kai dug a trial pit down to bedrock (1m depth) to see if we encounter any big tree roots. Didn't find any significant ones, so a chat with the arboriculturalist is in order this week, we're hoping he will allow conventional strip footings and lift the restriction on heavy mechanised digging in this corner of the plot.

Kai's nifty freehand routing skills and ability to knock up anything out of leftover plywood means we now have an address and mail box!

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