Sunday, 3 April 2011

Week 5 - Exorcism of the stump

We had a free day's hire of the digger after losing a day last week (but they actually left it with us for the whole weekend), so Kai set out to try and dig out the massive tree stump which has been ailing us...
After numerous suggestions on how to tackle it (including setting it on fire, and coring a hole down the middle and stuffing a grenade down it), we decided to use the more conventional method of digging around and underneath the huge brute until it finally came loose.


We then had to get the root mass out of the crater. We tried lifting it out using the digger. However this doesn't really work if you are trying to lift a 1ton stump using straps rated to 500kg - ping!

So we dug a ramp out of the crater and dragged the mighty beast out kicking and screaming (I might be exaggerating a bit). Thankfully Matt and Rachel arrived at this point with life-saving cake!

Revived by tea and Chelsea buns, we returned to the digger to scrape back the turf from the footprint of the house, ready for setting out.

A delivery of 8tons of Type 1 scalpings will make the ground easier to drive around on near the site entrance, and stop the heavy concrete trucks sinking into the ground...


Et voila!

Felt and a door complete the shed, Kai's new hiding place.

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