Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Week 6 - Foundation Dig and Pour

This time we used a 3ton digger to excavate - much more capable than the 1.5ton, and made light work of the foundation trenches in just over a day.


It took a twenty yard RORO (roll on roll off) and two grab lorries to get rid of most of the spoil - we still have a couple of tons left over...

The concrete arrives! We are doing trench-fill foundations rather than strip footings, more concrete but much quicker and easier when it comes to starting the blockwork. It's alarming how quickly the stuff comes out of the concrete wagon - tons and tons every minute, with the next truck waiting on the road outside. We had three and a half truck loads in total.


21 cubic metres of concrete later and the foundations are finished.


  1. Crazy! Amazing work, at this rate the estimated time of house completion is 5.37pm Thursday.

  2. Did you do a slump test?...

  3. Yeah, I stuck my foot in it and it was very sloppy and lumpy - slumpy.