Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Weeks 7 and 8 - Blockwork to DPC

Phew, after a hectic week doing the foundations we managed to slow down and take it all in. After the concrete went off we checked the levels and are pleased to say we are within about 15mm of  level across all the foundations. Very happy with that.

Week 7 consisted mainly of utility companies digging up the pavement outside our plot and generally being a nuisance to traffic! We now have electricity and water to site, and the static caravan has all mod cons.

In week 8 we started on the blockwork from foundations to DPC (damp proof course), which is basically just two courses of blocks. If we had gone for strip footings instead of trench fill, we'd have had to do blockwork from a meter below ground level, really horrible to work in a trench and very difficult to get tidy results!

We're currently laying about 80 blocks a day, which isn't bad for a couple of amateurs! It's a bit fiddly setting out the first course and positioning the vents, but the straight runs can be pretty quick. Shame we're only doing a few courses ourselves before the blockies come in mid May. A 2+1 team of blockies should be laying about  350 blocks a day!

Inner leaf all completed ready for the precast beams to sit on, when they are delivered in a few days.Outer leaf completed for one of the walls, one course of blocks followed by six courses of bricks for the plinth.

The black plastic things are air vents which will connect the inner and outer leaves, and will allow fresh air to circulate in the void beneath the floor. 

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