Sunday, 15 May 2011

House Plans

Some house plans to put the whole thing into context!

The house is positioned in the back corner of the plot, so that the frontage will line up with those of the other houses along the road, and so that the houses will have roughly equal space between them. This was done to get the design through planning permission. As a result of this, there is a narrow 2m strip along the back of  the house, we hope to put decking there to make the most of the space and the view. To the side of the house will be a small garden area. All the space in front of the house is taken up by parking for two cars and a turning head. Planning requirements these days need you to be able to leave your driveway in a 'forward gear'. The turning head on the plan looks slightly excessive, so we might try to pinch a bit of space back for the garden.

Ground Floor
The living room and kitchen diner should both be quite generous spaces. The French doors will open out from the kitchen onto the decked area with the view out to the field. The wc has been shoe-horned under the stairs because planning requirements insist on having an accessible toilet (doorway wide enough for a wheelchair) on the ground floor of any new home.

First Floor
Three bedrooms and a family bathroom. The main bedroom will have French doors and a juliet balcony, to make the most of the view out to the field.

With a total floor area of 100 square metres, the house is not your typical Grand Design, but it will be perfectly formed!
The outside finish will be render. Above and below the windows there will be reconstituted stone heads and sills, and there will also be a string course (band of recon stone) at first floor level.

If anyone fancies having a closer look at the project in progress you're welcome to drop in! Be sure to bring cake.


  1. what is the height of the ground floor??

    1. 2.45m from floor to ceiling plus 200mm for floor joists.

  2. can you give the dimension..of the plan..or the scale..

    1. Hi, the dimension of the longest wall (on the left running from front to back) is 9m.