Saturday, 14 May 2011

Week 11 - Ground floor screed

Well, when our concrete truck eventually turned up (over 5 hours later than we booked it), we were final able to pour the ground floor slab.
Geek note: 70mm thick, A142 mesh, 10mm aggregate, C28/35 CIIIA (36%-65% GGBS), offending supplier Cemex.


Kai uses his ingenious home-made 'wibbler' to get a smooth surface. We did a few passes and checked levels to try and get it  smooth and as close to level as possible.

Et voila! We won't load the slab up with too much stuff until it's gained some strength after a few days.

Big Delivery 1 - roughly quarter of all the stuff the blocky will need to get up to roof level. Big Delivery 2 will come on Monday, so this pile of stuff will become a bit of a monster!

A big pile of 50mm Celotex cavity insulation, and Catnic lintels for all the window and door openings.

1 comment:

  1. Tidy boules guys, tidy boules.
    Make sure you leave space for a hammock, and Kai, don't forget the dartboard. Do you have a drawing of the final design to put up so we can see what is to come? It seems like you are moving on at a fair pace there. When do you envisage the project being completed by?

    Janine and I will be sure to pop in the next time we go to Wales. See you soon, love O and Janine.