Monday, 30 May 2011

Week 13 - Superstructure complete

We were hindered slightly by the bad weather this week, with strong winds and heavy rain making life difficult for the builders. The plastic covering on the first floor is pretty slippery when wet! Transferring materials up to the first floor was also heavy-going for the builders.


We now have something the shape of a house! We asked the builders just to 'rough out' the blockwork for the gable ends. When the trusses are up we'll have a more accurate guide to be able to cut the last blocks to shape and complete the gable walls ourselves.

So that's it, superstructure complete in just 2 weeks. We're mighty impressed with the speed and accuracy of the blockies, as is the building inspector who has signed off all the work without comment.

The roof trusses arrive next week...

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